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the multitude of benefits that conservation provides to people.

forms of wild fauna and flora and to raise awareness of

an opportunity to celebrate the many beautiful and varied

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This global celebration of forests provides a platform
to raise awareness of the importance of all types of
woodlands and trees, and celebrate the ways in which
they sustain and protect us.

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March 22

World Water Day

The day focuses attention on the importance of
universal access to clean water, sanitation and
hygiene (WASH) facilities in developing countries.
The day also focuses on advocating for the
sustainable management of freshwater resources.

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April 22

Earth Day

Earth Day is a day dedicated to increasing awareness
about the Earth, its issues and problems. It is all about
appreciating the uniqueness of our planet Earth with
its incredible biodiversity. If people make changes in
their behaviors towards Mother Earth, then we would be
able to make our planet a much better place to live in–
also for coming generations.

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2nd SAT in MAY

Migratory Bird Day

is a conservation initiative that brings awareness on
conserving migratory birds and their habitats throughout
the Western Hemisphere. engages the general public to
care about maintaining healthy bird populations and protecting
breeding, non-breeding, and stop over habitats used by
migratory birds.

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March 20

World Sparrow Day

A day designated to raise awareness of the house sparrow
and then other common birds to urban environments, and of
threats to their populations.It is an international initiative by the
Nature Forever Society of India in collaboration with the Eco-Sys
Action Foundation (France) and numerous other national and
international organisations across the world.

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June 5

World Environment Day

a flagship campaign for raising awareness on
emerging environmental issues from marine
pollution and global warming, to sustainable
consumption and wildlife crime.

World Wetlands Day

raise global awareness about the value of
wetlands for humanity and the planet.
It also marks the date of adoption of the
Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in 1971,
in the Iranian city of Ramsar.

2 February

Vulture Conversation

These master birds are observed to have been breeding
in 35 to 46 colonies in Kangra District on very old straight
trees of chil (Pinus roxburgii) growing on mild slopes in
Shivalik hills,hence,the retention of these dead and dry
standing trees has become important as these birds are
using such trees for roosting and their surveillance.

Project Snow Leopard

The endangered Snow Leopard occurs over most of
the high altitudes of central Asia and Himalayas. The
coarse global population estimate for the snow Leopard
is about 7400 individuals. India is believed to have between
400 to 700 snow leopards in five Trans Himalayan states.

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Monkey Sterilization

There are, 8 State of the art Monkey Sterilization Centres (MSCs)
namely Tutikandi (Shimla), Sastar (Hamirpur), Gopalpur (Kangra),
Boul (Una), Paontasahib (Sirmour),Sarol (Chamba), Salappar (Mandi),
Ispur (Una) operational in the State, and another MSC is in offing at
Kanianalah near Kotgarh. The cost of establishment of these MSCs was
Rs 774.70 lakhs so far.

Welcome To HP Forest Department

The Forests of Himachal Pradesh known for their grandeur and majesty are like a green pearl in the Himalayan crown. This life supporting system is presently under great stress due to impact of modern civilization, economic development and growth in human and cattle population.

According to National Forest Policy, 1988, atleast two third 66% of the geographical area should be under forest in the hilly states like Himachal Pradesh. However, keeping in view that about 20 % of the area is inaccessible and beyond the tree limit, the State Government aims to bring 50% of the geographical area under forest cover


Himachal being a mountainous State encompasses three bio geographic zones representing great altitude and climate variations, sub tropical to cold desert supporting a vast variety of both floral and faunal biodiversity.

For conservation and management of spectacular wildlife-mammals and avifauna, 4 wildlife sanctuaries were established in 1954. 3 more wildlife sanctuaries were set up in 1958. In 1962, 14 more wildlife sanctuaries were established. In 1963, one more sanctuary was set up. During 1964, another sanctuary at Renuka was declared. After formation of the state in 1971, between 1976 and 1999, 9 more sanctuaries were notified across the state(in1976(2 Nos), 1982,1983,1985,1989,1992, 1994 and 1999).

Our Projects

HP Forest Department receives a number of representations from various channels including farmers, panchayats, e-samadhan, District Grievances Committees, Kisan sangathans etc. that monkeys constantly raid their agricultural crops and cause lot of damage to the same and are posing substantial losses to them besides causing threat to their life at times.

Monkey Sterilization Programme

Meet The Snow Leopard

Vulture Conservation

save animals

you can help

Together we can improve animal care, reduce threatening processes, and save endangered species.